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Support Us

We are looking for businesses to sponsor our events to help offset event expenses, thus helping us ensure we can donate as much money to ovarian cancer research as possible. We are happy to answer more questions that you have about that and also talk to you about how we can market your business in several different ways.

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We are so grateful to be in amazing community. We rely on all of your support and donations to be able to do what we do to help other women. Every generous dollar that is given is allocated to our community partners for awareness and research. We need every dollar we can get to spread our net a little wider and save more women. They are so close to finding a diagnostic test for ovarian cancer, but we are just not there yet We are all hoping it will be sooner than later.


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Thank you so much for your donation. We are so appreciative of your support. Our hope is so reach as many women in the community that we can. We can do this with your help!

Harts of Teal is a registered non-profit 87-2366328